Working with Tyvek® and the way it folds, how it moves, its strength, lightness, its starkness and brightness, has inspired Ashley Botten and Nina Jones to create Toofifteen and collaborate on a line of products that organize your life in a beautiful way.

Ashley Botten, the founder of Ashley Botten Design {1999}, thrives on creating interiors brought together cohesively through design, architecture, style and art. Ashley’s interiors and custom pieces highlight the balance between sophisticated form and function, always with an unexpected moment to personalize the space, creating a feeling that is a perfect match to her clients.  

Nina Jones is a graphic designer with a passion for paper and the handwritten note. With a backgound of Anthropology, Fine Art and Graphic Design, Nina loves to explore our everyday surroundings and bring them to life on paper. Alongside working with her corporate and individual clients, Nina is also the founder and creative director of Jonesy Charismatic Stationery, which she founded in 2006.

Toofifteen products are made of Tyvek®... a sustainable material which looks and feels like paper. It is extremely durable, recyclable and non toxic.

Other qualities that we love about Tyvek®... it is equally strong wet or dry  •  mold and mildew resistant  •  UV resistant  •  resists soiling and absorption of oils and greases  •  easy to wipe clean